About The Studio

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We bring brands and businesses to vivid life in the digital space

With 15 years industry experience in the changing digital world we promise a new level of service for your brand and website.

Our Story

We took 15 years industry experience and bootstrapped a new model blending design and development into one department instead of siloed project stages to produce best in class design and build for brand and web.

Our Services

Digital Design

Integrated interactive design for apps, websites and screens of all imaginations. We produce products and experiences that look inviting, feel friendly and work intuitively.

Web Build

The basis of any good web build is infrastructure. We create websites for all manner of clients always with two principles. First, that they capture visitors engagement within 3 seconds whatever device or screen they are using. Second, that they should be able to evolve as the company develops for years to come.

Brand Identity

Where strategy meets design. We may call ourselves the brand experts but no-one knows the business better than the people who work there. We work closely to find out what it means to them internally and survey the market to find an appropriate positioning opportunity. From there we conceive and enhance the brands, not jut as beautifully aesthetic looks and emblems for your business but hardworking and longlasting marketing assets for decades.

Our Approach


Is it imagined around the needs and experiences of right people?


What is it here to do for the business?


What’s the biggest problem this could solve? What’s the biggest advantage it could give?


Is it a cohesive and engaging experience across all platforms and devices?


When’s the best moment to launch? Yesterday?

Durably effective

How will it grow, stay relevant and useful you for the next decade?






What They Say

Studio Amer exceeded expectations. Beautiful design capturing my proposition, alongside a seamless digital experience. The process was collaborative, clear & stress-free. Couldn't recommend more highly

Marina C

Studio Amer is a game-changer! Took the leap and went from zero to brand to website in half the expected time. These guys get the art of effective design.

Jo Prince
Studio Jo Prince

Every tech project has its complications. Studio Amer were ahead of them in a way that always bore out. We were able to be hands off and just enjoy every presentation and launch.

Founder, CEO
Eddy The App

Extremely happy with Studio Amer and the work they've supplied. Three years later, we're still using it as the touchstone and platform for our brand and business. It's paid for itself maybe 100 times over... so far

Dayli Co.

Highly recommend Studio Amer as a design partner. A rare breadth of creativity and ability means they can take you from strategy to design to build launch like no other I've seen. Bosh.

Small World
Founder, Director
Small World
We're Made of People

Behind every seamless online experience or brand there’s a creative team of dedicated talent

Jordan Amer
Creative Director
Matthew Jay
Senior Designer
Grace Turner
Nica Forne
Studio Manager
Tom Senna
Project Manager


Studio Amer was founded by designer, developer & creative director Jordan Amer to create high-performing digital experiences by leveraging the latest & most effective tools in the fast-developing tech-space.

Previously, Jordan had spent 15 years in technology & design with companies including Apple, Google, The Times & The Sunday Times, YouTube, Nike & Conde Nast as well as agencies including Sagmeister Inc. Mother, Wieden + Kennedy, Landor & DesignStudio.

Along the way he's won some interesting recognition including the coveted D&AD white Pencil and the Design Museum "Design of The Year."


What size budgets do you work with?

We typically work with clients within the following project brackets:

  • 3-6k – A landing page or one-page scroller for a singularly designed user experience. Great for launches,. profile and product sites. These can be extremely quick to turn around too and, as with all our sites, comes with complete content management control and training on handover
  • 7-15k – A larger marketing site including templated pages for structured content like case studies or a blog
  • 10k–25k – A more strategically invested site, with complex page designs and interaction as well as additional integrations such as form submissions connecting to CRMs or payment checkouts.
  • 25-50k – A very large company website with multiple product streams and many pages to be structured, designed and written.
  • 50k+ – Typically an e-commerce platform requiring data protection integrations and process management to integrate with product fulfilment

How do we get started?

1. Get in touch here
After our call, we will create a scope of work and proposal for your approval
3. Once approved, we'll send a contract for you to sign.
4. Once signed, we will send out an initial 50% invoice due to begin work.
5. Upon completion of the invoice, we will set-up communication channels and schedule our kick-off call.

How do I figure out how much a new website will cost?

For simple sitemap of all the pages included within your project scope will be okay to start. For more complicated projects we recommend creating an RFP or scope of work for us to review and quote against.

Here's some steps on where to start with your scope of work:

1. Send us a list of the pages you want on your site (
sitemap/information architecture). Doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed or final. We just need an idea.
2. Send us a few websites that you love and think represent your vision for your new website in an aesthetic or functional way.
3. Do you need a logo & brand identity or will we be working with your current brand assets. Let us know your preference
4. If you already have the designs for your site completed and just need webflow development, send us the designs to review and we can go from there.
6. Include whether you think anything within your build may require extra development time. Integrations like filterred searching, API integration are technical challenges that take more time.
7. If you already have a webflow site and would like it changed up, send us your log ins and we'll make sure that our development-conventions are aligned to your existing build.

Our team will take in all of this information and create a scope of work proposal for us to review. Once you’re ready, we can review the SoW Proposal together over a
follow-up call.  

What are the payment terms for a typical project?

For a new website, redesign, migration or development:
50% on commencement. 50% on completion.

For scope of work add-ons during an active project:

To keep projects streamlined: 100% paid upfront.

How much does Webflow hosting cost?

To sign-up for a Webflow account you must first choose an account plan, most clients end-up signing up for the “Free” plan.

Once you have set-up an account plan and you've create a Webflow website within your Dashboard you'll need to add a hosting plan. The CMS plan is usually the one to go for and comes in at $23/month billed annually.

We can help you choose the right plan for your project. For current options – have a look at the
webflow site

Starting a Project

Who will be working on our project?

We're a tiny team at the moment. Led by founder Jordan Amer. With support from a network of mostly UK and western europe based freelancers

How much experience does Studio Amer have with Webflow?

3 years specifically with webflow. But it's important to note that webflow isn't like any other turn key web builder. It's essentially a visual coding interface. It writes the empirical code for your designs. Since we've been coding for web for 15 years+ our understanding of webflow goes back a lot further. It's why we can appreciate it so much.

What is the difference between the Webflow Designer & Webflow Editor/CMS?

That's a great and important question.

The Webflow Designer is where we build your site structure, design, content, interactions, animations, and custom code to create fully functioning expert level websites. Here, you visually manipulate the HTML content, set CSS properties, and create interactions without writing any javascript – instead of writing code, you manipulate it visually. And, as you build your website and lay out your content, the Designer creates incredibly clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish to the web. With this said the Webflow Designer takes training just like any pro-level tool (Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, etc)

Unlike the
Designer, The Webflow Editor is where you to edit and manage the content. With its simple, easy-to-use interface, the Editor gives you a number of tools to manage assets, content and on-page SEO. With a strong usage plan this can be changed dramatically within preset bounds without negatively effecting user experience. Meaning, with little know-how or training you can operate and update the site without having to use the developer regularly.

Do you provide Webflow Designer Training for marketing teams?

We can certainly do that and depending on your internal skillsets it canbe very useful to have.

Can you provide training on how to update and edit our new website?

Absolutely. We offer this as standard with site handover.

We also offer block hours for purchase which can be used for development and consultation (including training) if you'd like to continue staff and site development on an ongoing basis.

After our website launches we want to implement an ongoing long-term SEO strategy, can you help?

Indeed we can, we can set up strong SEO foundations and have we have a few trusted partner agencies that we can recommend for ongoing SEO.

Do you launch the site for us? What happens after the site is launched?

We'll present the site for you in a hidden holding page until it's time for launch. We are 100% hands on for launch to make sure everything is in working order. Post launch, we'll be available within the project fee for 30 days to provide ongoing support. Depending on the size of your team we can also issue a mini training series crafted specifically for your build. After 30 days we will still be available to contact about arising issues or new development. You may wish to block book hours to use over the year for ongoing support. More on this just below.

How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers?

Although maintaining content, copy, and assets through the Webflow CMS (Editor) is straightforward for clients to manage, some clients will need additional development & Webflow build support. We offer a pre-paid block of hours with us upfront to use as they see fit over a 12 month period. These hours are to be used on any development, consultation, or Webflow related need. Our development support blocks do not include any design (figma, XD, Sketch) services. Design is typically handled on a flat-rate basis only as apart of our end-to-end design & development projects.

Hour Blocks:
10 hours x £130 Flat rate - £1300
20 hours x £120Flat rate - £2400
40 hours x £110 Flat rate – £4400
*All hours expire after 12 months.

How long do projects usually take?

Naturally this heavily depends on the scope of work but as an estimate: most design & development projects take between 1-3 months. We'll be able to give you a much better impression after a quick discovery call.


How can webflow help empower my marketing team and reduce the engineer teams workload?

Simply put, it greatly reduces the developer bottleneck by giving the ability to make changes to the marketing team instead of relying on new code. Often times the webflow developer is also a great designer. Further streamlining a traditionally lengthy process!

Can you migrate a site from WordPress/Squarespace to Webflow?

Migration from webflow to Wordpress is quite simple with a plugin but for Squarespace or Wordpress to Webflow it tends make more sense to rebuild the entire site fresh with webflow. Whilst we're there we may want to evaluate what improvements you might want to make to the site too.

What is Memberstack.io?

A tool that can serve as a custom solution to integrate with webflow to help our agency build member-only sites, dashboards, web apps, intranets, and more for our clients. It comes at an additional monthly cost

Will my site load faster on Webflow?

The chances are yes, espeically if you are noticing a slower speed elsewhere. Sometimes all it takes is compressing the site content or switching CMS’s and other times we need to implement ordered loading scripts and other tactics to keep a site delivering at lightning speed.

Will migrating my site to Webflow have a negative effect on SEO?

If done correctly, it won't. As long as the agency you are working with is following best practices to retain your current URL structure and implement accurate 301 redirects you can avoid any lasting negative effects, and leverage the positive SEO effects of your redesign.

Do you exclusively use Webflow within projects?

Webflow is one of the main flagship tools in our tech stack but it isn’t the only one, we make sure to apply the right tools for the job, depending on the scope of work and solution needed.

Our typical project stack usually includes:

  • Figma (UX Design, Brand ID)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Illustrations, Logo)
  • Adobe Photoshop (image editing & treatment)
  • Shutterstock (royalty free images)
  • Adobe After Effects (Lottie JS Animation Design & Development)
  • Custom Code (we like gsap!)
  • Webflow (Front-End Dev & Custom CMS)
  • Trello & Airtable (Project Management & Tracking)

Do I have to host my website on Webflow?

We highly recommend it for almost all marketing website projects but it isn't essential. It’s a no-brainer for high-end marketing websites with a need for a super custom, scaleable, and user friendly CMS.

If you’re building on Hubspot or something of that nature to handle your marketing website or landing pages, and switching isn't an option - we could still use Webflow to develop the front-end semantic code, and then export for further migration to the platform of choice. Even then, we'll utilise Webflow as a tool in the front-end development process.

If this is something you're considering. we can discuss options over a discovery call.

Can you integrate Hubspot, Hotjar & Google Analytics into webflow?

We can indeed. Hubspot's a very powerful platform so it would be great to have a little more information so we could scope potentials. But for the most in demand Hubspot services – organising form submissions for the CRM and site-tracking we can absolutely facilitate. Hotjar, Google Analytics and similar products are also straight-forward to integrate through APIs.

Can you integrate analytics though Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.

100%. We're yet to come by an analytics we couldn't attach to your site through API.

I want to run triggered automations from my Webflow though external applications and systems. Can you help?

Sure can. Zapier is the tool we use to execute these sort of logic connections.For example, populating an Airtable grid.

I want a website site where my content rains down and collects at the bottom of the screen, the cursor is a roaring lion and every time I click a link it feels like I'm being sucked into a wormhole into another world.

Sounds like a lot from a taste perspective. But from a development perspective it's eminently fully Webflow-able. We'll use dedicated javascript libraries for each of those interactions and site performance shouldn't be noticably effected.


Can you design my brand, logo, UI, look and feel, art direction etc.

We certainly can. There's a healthy overlap here with web design which tends to drive efficiency. It's also all part of our specialty.

What if I’m unsure about a design or strategy?

Let's discuss it! We always design something a particular way with good reason and sound strategy so you can feel confident and excited in it. If something doesn’t feel right, we can definitely find a solution.

We like our brand, but our overall look needs a polish for our new website - can you help?

Absolutely. It's important not to throw out any brand equity you've earned lightly. We'll always look to build best-in-class for the guidelines you have in place, the aspirations you hold, and the category you're in!

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